"Cinzia is the perfect blend of doctor, healer, therapist and guide. I can't express enough how valuable it has been for me to be able to bring my whole self to a session and get the kind of support I have been looking for, for years. Her guidance on my own healing journey has been nothing short of extra- ordinary. She truly considers the whole person... body, mind, spirit, and is relentless about finding what works best for the individual. I credit Cinzia for helping me make the changes I have made in my life over the past 6 years, and helping me to trust my own ability to heal myself. She helped me, my partner, and our relationship. It makes me happy to see her treating whole families. Patience, knowledge, open- ness, constancy, loving presence, and a sense of humour... she has all of these qualities in spades. I am relieved and grateful to be in her care."
Michelle Neilson
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